Monaset Cutter-Tool Grinder

Monaset Cutter & Tool Grinder:  CM2/CMA

C-3006  Screw Gear
C-3032    Handle

C-3032 Handle


C-3117    Handle

C-3117 Handle


C-4007     Bearing Protective Seat
C-4015-1  Handwheel
C-4017  Handle

C-4017 Handle


C-5004    Index Collar (front)
C-5007    Spindle Fixed Ring
C-5008-a    Fixed Nut
C-5008-b    Fix Ring
C-5009  Handle Lock Bolt
C-5011   Bearing Washer
C-5011-a  Spring
C-5018AS    Index Ring Seat assembly
C-5025   Spindle Screw Nut
C23209000 Lift Gear
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