Manual Lathe

CA-4007-A0   Bushing
CA-4013-00  Gear Shaft 13T
CA-4029-00  Clutch Handle
CA-4035-00  Spring
CA-4442-I0   Half Nut Bracket
CF-1017-03  V-Belt Pulley
CF-1019-01   A Shaft Bearing Cap
CF-1032-G3   Gear ( 27T )
CF-1034-01    Shaft Fork
CF-1035-01 Operating Lever
CF-1039-L2  Half Gear
CF-1039-R2  Half Gear
CF-1084-G0  Gear

CF-1084-G0 Gear


CF-1114-G0   Gear
CF-1119-01   Asbestos Packing
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